Start Using Lipstick That Is Made With Natural Ingredients And Cruelty-Free

By | 1st July 2019

The vegan lifestyle has expanded far beyond food to include clothing and makeup. The vegan makeup industry has taken off; these products give consumers who prefer to live a vegan lifestyle the ability to look amazing and feel good about the ingredients they are putting on their skin. Vegan lipstick doesn’t just offer a cruelty-free pout; there are many other awesome reasons why vegan lipstick, and other vegan products (click here for examples) are so important. 

Vegan Lipstick: The Superhero of Cruelty-Free Beauty

Here’s why cruelty-free lipstick is so important for the well-being of animals and humans. 

It Lowers the Demand for Animal-Tested Products

One of the best ways to end animal cruelty is to stop purchasing animal-tested products. By making the cruelty-free lipstick available, it lowers the demand for non-vegan lipsticks. Both vegans and non-vegans enjoy cruelty-free products; read on to learn about the other amazing benefits of using cruelty-free lipstick and beauty products!

You Won’t Be Rubbing Dead Animals on Your Lips

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Many non-vegan products not only test on animals, but they also contain animal by-products like insect extracts and uric acid. Don’t worry; we won’t tell your partner that you’ve been smooching them with crushed up beetles on your lips, but if this doesn’t make you want to switch to cruelty-free lipstick, we aren’t sure what will! 

Cruelty-Free Products Are Eco-Friendly

When it comes to cruelty-free lipstick, the outside matters just as much as the inside. Vegan makeup producers take an eco-friendly approach with the packaging they put their products in. While non-vegan products disregard the environment when it comes to packaging, you can feel good knowing that your cruelty-free lipstick has a lower environmental impact. 

Sensitive Skin Wins

If you have sensitive skin, you can do a little happy dance because vegan makeup products are typically gentle and all-natural. Added ingredients in non-vegan makeup can cause acne and eczema breakouts; when you use vegan beauty products, you are doing the animals, and your skin, a huge favor. Always be sure to read the label before trying out a new lipstick; even some vegan brands can contain ingredients that your skin might not jive with. 

From saving animals to sparing your skin, cruelty-free lipstick and other vegan products are important for you and the planet. They offer consumers a way to protect the environment without sacrificing their beauty routines. Vegan products are a win-win for eco-conscious makeup-lovers.