Electronic Journal Risk Analysis: Theory & Applications has been publishing since January 2006.  Previously the Journal had name Reliability: Theory & Applications though since March 2008 it was decided that the journal scope is actually wider than just reliability. Actually the Journal covers various fields of Risk Analysis (reliability, safety, security, survivability, anti-terrorism defensive ability, quality control, reliability testing, queuing models, and other related topics).

Theoretical and applied papers, reviews, memoirs, and bibliographical materials on the topica are subject of publication. Pure theoretical papers have to contain new problems and/or new solutions, finger practical applications and should not be overloaded with clumsy formal materials. Priority is given to clear practical applications and case studies. Papers presented for publication are directed to members of the Editorial Board for refereeing. Exception exists only for papers presented by Associate Editors who personally could recommend papers for publication.

Publication in Electronic Journal Risk Analysis: Theory & Applications is equal to publication in other International scientific journals.


I got many letters about the name of our e-journal that indicate that the real scope of the journal is much wider than just reliability. It is difficult not to agree with them: actually  we cover a number of topics related to probabilistic modeling and statistical analysis,  cost-effectiveness analysis and various of applications of operations research and management sciences that have a nature of Risk Analysis Theory.

Indeed, we cover not only traditional topics of reliability theory (like System Reliability Analysis,  Optimum Reliability Allocation,  Maintainability, Accelerated and Life Testing, Reliability Data Analysis, Quality Control, Quality Assurance) but also a number of other problems like Counter-terrorism defense models, Security, Safety, Survivability (Vulnerability), Operational Effectiveness, Queuing Models, Optimal Spare Supply, Optimal Inventory Control, Monte Carlo Simulation, etc.

After some discussion, we decided to change the name of the journal to Risk Analysis: Theory and application, to reflect a real face of the journal.

Doing so, we take into consideration the fact that Boris Gnedenko, after who the site is named, was actually a scientist of an extremely wide profile. He started ( as a pupil of one of the greatest mathematician of the 20th century Andrei Kolmogov) with pure probabilistic and statistical problems but after his spectrum became wider: he was involved in many applied problems. He was one of the first Russian mathematicians developing the Queuing Theory, then he founded Russian school in Reliability, he was the author of the first papers on statistical quality control. His last years he dedicated to arising actuarial mathematics in Moscow State University.

Taking into account all these facts and factual state of the journal, we decided to change the name of the journal starting No.1 of 2008.

We hope that widening the spectrum of publications will help our professional community to exchange ideas and make better contacts with each others.

Igor Ushakov,

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Our e-Journal change name. New name: Risk Analysis: Theory & Applications

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Risk Analysis: Theory & Applications

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