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Gnedenko e-Forum Chapter



Gnedenko e-Forum is named after outstanding probabilist and statistician Boris Vladimirovich Gnedenko. 
Gnedenko e-Forum is a voluntary informal association (a ďclubĒ) of specialists dealing with such practical problems like reliability, safety, security, risk analysis, quality, queuing and other applications of probabilistic and statistical methods. 
Main form of the Forum activity is exchange of professional information through the Forumís website. 
The Forum is non-profit organization. 
Financial support of the Forum (for instance, payment for the Forumís website, editing journal papers, running the site) is performed on the basis of voluntary donations from the Forumís members. 
Article I - Objectives and Tasks 
The objectives of the Forum shall be the development of reliability and queuing theories and their applications by information exchange between specialists in these directions. Areas of interest of the Forumís activity include (but not limited by) the following models and their application:

  • System Reliability Analysis

  • Queuing Models Analysis

  • Fighting Terrorism models

  • Operational Effectiveness

  • Safety

  • Survivability (Vulnerability)

  • Risk Analysis

  • Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

  • Optimum Reliability Allocation

  • Maintainability

  • Optimal Spare Supply

  • Optimal Inventory Control

  • Monte Carlo Simulation

  • Accelerated Testing

  • Reliability Data Analysis

  • Statistical Control

  • Quality Assurance

and other related topics 
The main tasks of the Gnedenko Forum are:

  • Establishing professional contacts among reliability and queuing specialists all over the world.

  • Exchange of information about forthcoming events in the Forumís field of activity.

  • Exchange of information on new publications in the Forumís field of activity.

  • Participation in international conferences and meetings, presenting the affiliating to the Forum.

  • Publication scientific and personal information in Forumís e-journal.

  • Help to arrange participation of Forumís members in getting consulting and grants.

Article II - Membership

  1. The membership of the Forum might be personal (mainly) as well as collective (companies dealing with applied probability and statistics projects, corresponding departments of universities, etc.)

  2. There are no special requirements for membership except professional affiliation to the fields of the Forum activity.

  3. A member of the Forum has no obligations at all, though has some rights: to publish materials in the Forumís e-journal, elect the Forumís officers, recommend new members for the Forum.

  4. A new member is accepted into the Forum by e-mail presentation of documents of professional credibility (resume and list of publications) and photo. E-mails should be sent to the Forumís Scientific Secretary Alexander Bochkov: a.bochkov@gmail.com.

  5. Membership in the Forum does not involve any financial obligations (no fees).

  6. There are some organizational duties of elected officers and members of the Editorial board of the Forumís e-journal concerning the current running of the Forum and the journal.

Article III - Regional, Professional and Memorial Grouping

  1. For convenience of the Forum activity member may be grouped in Chapters by regional (countries, cities) or affiliation (company, university) principles.

  2. In addition it is possible to arrange such Chapters on the basis of belonging members to some particular school.

  3. There is a possibility to arrange Chapters by narrow professional interests (see list of directions).

  4. Each such group desirably may/should have an elected representative though it is not obligatory.

  5. A member of the Forum may participate in several Chapters.

  6. The objective of these Chapters is to provide members of the Forum with corresponding information, arrange and/or participate professional meetings and compile special issues of the Forumís e-journal.

Article IV - Board and Voting Procedure

  1. The Founder and the Scientific Secretary of the Forum are permanent hosts of the Forumís website and the members of Forumís Journal Editorial Board. They have no right to take other governing body of the Forum.

  2. The Forum Board consists of the following officers:

  • The President of the Forum, a yearly elected officer with deciding voice in decision-making

  • The Vice-President/President-elect, a yearly elected officer with advising voice.

  1. Immediate (or the most recent living) Past-President with advising voice.

  2. President and Vice-President are elected by direct voting of all members of the Forum. Votes should be sent to the Scientific Secretary not later than a month after announcing nominations. A simple majority rule is applied.

  3. Any President decision could be blocked by two other officers (Vice-President and Immediate Past-president) not later than a week after the Presidentís decision. After such blocking next week the direct voting of all members becomes decisive.

  4. The same person will not be eligible for re-election to the office for at least three years.

  5. Candidates for President and Vice-President might be suggested by at least three members of the Forum. (Members might have any form of preliminary mutual coordination.) All suggested candidates will be included in the voting list.

  6. If the President is unable to continue to serve, then his place will be taken by Vice-President.

Article V - Quarterly International Journal ďReliability: Theory & ApplicationsĒ. 
Journal of the Forum ďReliability: Theory & ApplicationsĒ (RT&A) is published only in an electronic form and locates at the Gnedenko Forum website.

  1. The Founder (igorushakov@gmail.com ) is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal RT&A. The Forumís Scientific Secretary (a.bochkov@gmail.com) is the Executive Secretary of the Journal RT&A.

  2. Editor-in-Chief and Executive Secretary might be removed from the RT&A Editorial Board by direct voting of the Forumís members by a suggestion of any the Forumís officers.

  3. A member of the Editorial Board can be chosen on the basis of his/her professional status.  Any new member of the Editorial Board has to be a member of the Gnedenko Forum at least a year. 

  4. Any member of the Forum may present a scientific paper, case study description, advertising about new books and software product, announcement about forthcoming event, memoir about leading scientists of the Forum community, etc. Case studies and applied papers are most welcome.

  5. All materials for a forthcoming issue of the journal are subject of ďfast referringĒ by the members of Editorial Board.  Materials presented by the Forumís officers are published without additional refereeing with the mark ďPresented by ÖĒ.

  6. Publication in the International e-Journal RT&A is equivalent to standard publication.

  7. The Journal RT&A is open, access to the Journal is free.

  8. All materials published in the Journal RT&A are protected by copyright belonging to the Journal.

  9. Reference to the Journal in a case of using its materials is obligatory.

  10. Forum members presented their materials for publications in the Journal automatically have all rights for free usage of their materials anywhere else.

Please send you additions, corrections, remarks, etc. to a_bochkov@yahoo.com .


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