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Mikhail À. Yastrebenetsky

Doctor of Sc., Professor


Personal Data

·         Born  in Moscow.

·         Citizen of Ukraine.

·         E-mail: ma_yastreb@mail.ru;  ma.yastreb2013@gmail.com


Scientific Titles and Degrees

·         Candidate of Sciences (PhD) in Engineering (Moscow Energetical University, Russia, 1963);

·         Doctor of Sciences  (Dr.Sc) in Engineering (Kharkov Polytechnic University, Ukraine, 1974)



Honorable Worker of Science and Technique of Ukraine (2003);

Honorable Power Engineering Specialist of Ukraine (2014);

Awards of Ukrainian National Academy of Science (2012, 2014)


Industrial, Academic and Teaching Experience

·         1993 – present day – Head of Department “Nuclear Power Plants Control and Information                  Systems   Safety Analysis”, Ukrainian State Scientific Technical Center on Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Kharkov, Ukraine.

·         1993 -  2006 –  Director of Institute of Technological Systems Safety and Reliability, Kharkov, Ukraine

·         1983 – present day – Professor of Department “System Analysis and Control”, Kharkov State Polytechnic University, Kharkov, Ukraine.

·         1962 – 1992 – Scientist, Head of Department “Automatic Systems Reliability”, Central Scientific Research Institute of Complex Automation, Moscow, Russia.


Major directions of specialization

·         Models of Point Stochastic Processes;

·         Methods of Processing of Statistical Data about Reliability;

·         Reliability of Industrial Control Systems;

·         Safety of Nuclear Power Plants (NPP);

·         Functional Safety of NPP Instrumentation and Control Systems;


Main books

·         Yastrebenetsky M., Kharchenko V. (editors and authors). Nuclear Power Plants Instrumentation and Control Systems for Safety and Security. Hershey PA, USA: IGI Global, 2014, 470 p. (in Engl.)

·         Yastrebenetsky M.A., Rozen Y.V., etc. Nuclear Power Plants Safety : Nuclear Reactors Control and Protection Systems (ed.-   Yastrebenetsky M.A.), Kiev: Osnova-Print, 2011, 768 p. (in Russian).

·         Yastrebenetsky M.A., Vasilchenko V.N., etc. Nuclear Power Plants Safety: Instrumentation and Control Systems (ed. – Yastrebenetsky M.A.), Kiev: Technika, 2004, 472 p. (in Russian, translated in English  by US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 2007).

·         Yastrebenetsky M.A., Ivanova G.M. Reliability of Automatic Process Control Systems, Moscow: Energoatomizdat, 1989, 264 p. (in Russian): (Approved as textbook for USSR universities).

·         Yastrebenetsky M.A. Reliability of Hardware in Automatic Process Control Systems (foreword-B.V.Gnedenko), Moscow: Energoatomizdat, 1982, 230 p. (in Russian).

·         Yastrebenetsky M.A., Solyanik B.L. Reliability of Automatic Systems under Operating Conditions. (Failure Point Stochastical Processes and Statistical Processing Methods), Moscow: Energiya, 1978, 168 p. (in Russian).

·         Shteinberg S.E., Hvilevitskiy L.O., Yastrebenetsky M.A. Industrial Automatic Regulators, Moscow: Energiya, 1973, 568 p. (in Russian).

·         Yastrebenetsky M.A., Vinogradskaia S.V. Reliability Characteristics of Thermal Power Plants Control and Informatrion Systems, Moscow: Informenergo, 1970,149 p. (in Russian).

·         Yastrebenetsky M.A., Solyanik B.L. Evaluation of Reliability of Industrial Automatic Apparatus under Operating Conditions, Moscow: Energiya, 1969, 128 p. (in Russian).


290 Articles (including 70 in English)


Organization Activity

·         Member of editorial boards of journals “Nuclear Measurement and Information Technology” (journal of International Electrotechnical Commission /TK45 “Nuclear Instrumentation”), “Nuclear and Radiation Safety”, “Reliability & Risk Analysis: Theory  & Applications”, “Nuclear Power and Environment”,  “System Analysis, Control and Information Technologies”,  etc.

·         Chairman of International Scientific Technical Conferences “Nuclear Power Plants Instrumentation     and Control Systems: Safety Aspects” (2003, 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013).

·         Member of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) International Working Group on Control and Instrumentation (1999- 2010);

·         Expert  of International Electrotechnical Commission.



State Scientific Technical Center on Nuclear and Radiation Safety

53, Chernishevskaia St., of.2, Kharkov, 61002, Ukraine

Tel. +38-057-714-9336, +38-057-714-9340, fax +38-057-714-9340.