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Vladimir Rykov

Doctor of Sci., Professor


Personal Information:


Citizenship:                         Russia

Date and place of birth:    January 12, 1938, Moscow, Russia.

Marital status:                     Married, four children.

Home address:                  Leninsky prospect, 135/1/395, Moscow 117513, Russia.

Office:                                   Department of Applied Mathematics & Computer Modeling,

                                              Gubkin Russian State Oil&Gas University,

                                              Leninsky Prospect, 65, 119991 Moscow, Russia.

Phones:                               7 (095) 135 7136 (office),  7 (095) 433 8948 (home).

Fax:                                       7 (095) 135 8895.

E-mail:                                  vladimir_rykov@mail.ru




1955-1960 B.S+M.S-Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Moscow State University - "On continuity properties of stochastic processes trajectories with probability 1" (under supervising of A.N. Kolmogorov).
1966 Ph.D.Probability theory/Control of Engineering Systems, Central Economical and Mathematical Institute of Academy of Sciences USSR (Moscow) - "On controllable queuing systems" (Advisors: Professor N.P. Buslenko; Dr. G.P. Klimov).

D. Sci.-Probability theory and Mathematical Statistics, Moscow    State University - "Semi regenerative stochastic processes and their applications in queuing theory" Advisors: Professor V.S. Korolyuk, Professor A.D. Solovjev, Professor Yu.M. Sukhov)


Academic Awards and Honors

  • Full member of International Academy of  Informatization since 1994;

Teaching Experience


09/1973 - present: Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Modeling, Russian State Oil and Gas University, Lectures on Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Reliability of technical systems;
09/1991 - present: Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics    Department, Russian Peoples' Friendship University, Lectures on stochastic processes, Risk Theory, Statistics, Advisors of Diploma and Ph.D. students;
07/2001 07/2003: Science and Mathematics Department, Kettering University, Flint, Michigan, USA, Lectures on Calculus I, Calculus II, Probability and Statistics for Engineers;
09/1987 06/1990 Department of Mathematical Statistics, Moscow State University, Lectures on Queuing theory;
09/1970 06/1972 Department of Mathematics, Moscow State Institute of Chemical Technology, Lectures on Mathematical Analysis, Algebra and Geometry.
12/1998 Invited Lecturer, Department of Engineering and Economics, Vrai    University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
03/1995 Invited Lecturer, Department of Engineering,         Technion, Haifa, Israel. Invited Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, University of Beersheba, Israel.
09/1991 Invited Lecturer, Department of Mathematics,         University of Sofia, Bulgaria.


 Industrial and Academic Expirience


1977 - 1984

Scientific Researcher and Invited Lecturer, Department of Stochastic, Berg Academy, Freiberg, Germany (Part-time, in framework of Agreement about Collaboration).

06/1969 -11/1973 Chief of Laboratory Special Computer Center.
07/1961 - 6/1969

Scientific Researcher, Central Scientific Institute of Complex Automation.

08/1960 - 7/1961

Research Fellow, Computer Center of Moscow State University, Moscow, USSR.






Congestion models in computer systems, International Summer

School on Computer Science, Budapest, Hungary;


Queueing models in industry, Institute of Applied Mathematics,

Beersheba, Israel.


International Collaborations


Moscow State University, Moscow; Russia, Riga Aviation University, Latvia; Belorussia State University, Belorussia, Institute of Cybernetics, Uzbekistan; Russian Peoples Friendship University, Moscow; Berg academy Freiberg, Germany; Technion, University of Beersheba, Israel; Vrai University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Cochin University, India; Complutense University, Madrid, Spain; Kettering University, USA.  




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(E) Last Papaers (more than 160 papers published, for detailes see CV)

  1. Reliability Model for Biological Objects. In: Proceedings of  The 1-st International Conference on Longevity, Aging and Degradation in Reliability, Medicine and Biology (LAD-2004), Saint Petersburg, (Russia), 7-9 July, 2004 (jointly with B.Dimitrov, D.Green, and P.Stanchev).

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