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Oboskalov Vladislav Petrovich

Doctor of Sci.,

Professor of "automated electrical systems" Ural State Technical University, USTU-UPI.

Main area of research

  • the development of probability analytical methods for evaluating the reliability of electric power systems,

  • failure probability  electrical connections reduction with the refusal of elements like "cliffs" and "short-circuiting"

  • use reduced distributions in calculating the carrying reliability EES

Some research results were reflected in monographs:
"Provisions in electric power systems", in 1989;
"The reliability of balancing power" in 2002,
and a training manual D.A. Arzamastsev, V.P. Oboskalov  "The calculation of indicators of structural reliability of energy systems ", 1986.

Implementation - software for calculating structural reliability EES "STRUNA" (co - Oleg Kotov Mikhailovich, associate professor USTU-OIP), currently used in a number of project organizations.


e-mail:  vpo1704@mail.ru


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