Electronic Journal Reliability: Theory & Applications has been publishing by Gnedenko Forum since January 2006.  Actually the Journal covers various fields of Risk Analysis (reliability, safety, security, survivability, anti-terrorism defensive ability, quality control, reliability testing, queuing models, and other related topics).

Theoretical and applied papers, reviews, memoirs, and bibliographical materials on the topics are subject of publication. Pure theoretical papers have to contain new problems and/or new solutions, finger practical applications and should not be overloaded with clumsy formal materials. Priority is given to clear practical applications and case studies. Papers presented for publication are directed to members of the Editorial Board for refereeing. Exception exists only for papers presented by Associate Editors who personally could recommend papers for publication.


Publication in Electronic Journal Reliability: Theory & Applications is equal to publication in other International scientific journals.



Current Issue

V. Rykov, A. Bochkov, E. Gnedenko


For the preceding year in the life of Gnedenko Forum and our journal there were essential changes. The President of the Forum came off duty and the members of the Editorial Board of the journal were considerably renewed. We hope that all of us together not only will keep spirit and the atmosphere of our journal, but also, we will manage to give to the business begun by Igor Ushakov, a new impulse.


M. Yastrebenetsky, A. Klevtsov, Y. Rozen, S. Trubchaninov


Fukushima Lessons for Safety of Critical Control Systems 

The accident at Japan nuclear power plant (NPP) “Fukushima-Daiichi” has influenced not only to future development of the nuclear energetics as whole and different NPP systems (including, of course, their control systems). However, the lessons of this accident are important for safety of critical control systems in different branches of industry. Some propositions for their safety assurance followed from nuclear post-Fukushima experience are discussed below.

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