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Dimitrov, Boyan


Why We Need Probability Distributions With Periodic Failure Rates In Reliability And Risk

We discuss situations in real life where probability distributions with periodic failure rates should be considered. This discussion leads us to a new class, called Almost-Lack-of-Memory (ALM) probability distributions. We explain the structure of these distributions, and list some of their important properties. One of the main properties is its periodic failure rate. Throughout this article we notice some areas of possible applications of these distributions, and relate applications to the properties of these distributions. However, periodic variability also is observed. This may be another interesting continuation of this study.


Keywords: ALM class of probability distributions; Periodic failure rate functions; Non-homogeneous Poisson Process; periodic random environment


Farhadzadeh, E.M., Muradaliyev, A.Z., Farzaliyev, Y.Z.,

Rafiyeva, T.K. Abdullayeva, S.A.


Reliability of the Estimate of Interrelation of Parameters Efficienty Their Work of Objects of Ees                  

Given is computational method of statistical distribution function of possible realizations of coefficients of linear correlation of Pearson and grade correlation of Spirmen for dependent random quantities. Dependence provided with ranging of random quantities of selections. Random quantities are modeled and have uniform distribution in the range of [0,1]. These distributions allow to evaluate the error of II type and to compare it with the error of I type.  The error of II type established on statistical distribution function of coefficient correlation of independent selections. These distributions are in a basis of criteria for estimate of the importance of coefficients of correlation of technical and economic parameters of objects of electrical power systems.


Keywords: Correlation coefficient, selection, ranging, distribution, technical and economic indicator

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