Rykov, Vladimir (Russia)

Doctor of Sci, Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics & Computer Modeling, Gubkin Russian State Oil & Gas University, Leninsky Prospect, 65, 119991 Moscow, Russia.

e-mail: vladimir_rykov@mail.ru                                        


Managing Editors


Bochkov, Alexander, PhD (Russia)

Deputy Director Risk Analysis Center,

LLC “NIIGAZECONOMIKA” (Economics and Management Science in Gas Industry Research Institute), Moscow, Russia,

e-mail: a.bochkov@gmail.com


Gnedenko, Ekaterina, PhD (USA)

Lecturer in the Department of Economics at Boston University, Boston, USA.

e-mail: gnedenko@bu.edu                                               


Deputy Editors:


Dimitrov, Boyan, Ph.D.  (USA)

Dr. of Math. Sci., Professor of Probability and Statistics, Associate Professor of Mathematics (Probability and Statistics), GMI Engineering and Management Inst. (now Kettering)

e-mail: bdimitro@kettering.edu


Gertsbakh, Eliahu (Israel)

Doctor of Sci., Professor Emeritus

e-mail: elyager@bezeqint.net


Gnedenko, Dmitry, PhD., (Russia)

Associate Professor, Deputy Head, Department of Probability, Department Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

e-mail: dmitry@gnedenko.com


Krishnamoorthy, Achyutha (India)

M.Sc. (Mathematics), PhD (Probability, Stochastic Processes & Operations Research),    Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Cochin University of Science & Technology, Kochi-682022, INDIA.

e-mail: achyuthacusat@gmail.com


Recchia, Charles H., PhD (USA)

Senior Member IEEE,

Chair, Boston IEEE Reliability Chapter

A Joint Chapter with New Hampshire and Providence, Advisory Committee, IEEE Reliability Society

e-mail: charles.recchia@macom.com


Shybinsky Igor (Russia)

Doctor of Sci., Professor, Division manager, VNIIAS (Russian Scientific

and Research Institute of Informatics, Automatics and Communications), expert of the Scientific Council

under Security Council of the

Russian Federation

e-mail: igor-shubinsky@yandex.ru


Yastrebenetsky, Mikhail (Ukraine)

Doctor of Sci., Professor. State Scientific Technical      Center on Nuclear and Radiation Safety (Dept. NPP Control Systems Safety Analysis). Kharkov Polytechnical University (Dept. Systems Analysis). Expert of International Electrotechnical Commission. Ukraine

e-mail: ma_yastreb@mail.ru



Associate Editors


Balakrishnan, Narayanaswamy (Canada)

Professor of Statistics, Department

of Mathematics and Statistics,

McMaster University

e-mail: bala@mcmaster.ca


Carrión García, Andrés (Spain)

Professor Titular de Universidad,

Director of the Center for Quality and Change Management, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

e-mail: acarrion@eio.upv.es


Chakravarthy, Srinivas (USA)

Ph.D., Professor of Industrial

Engineering & Statistics, Departments

of Industrial and Manufacturing

Engineering & Mathematics,

Kettering University (formerly GMI-EMI)

e-mail: schakrav@kettering.edu                                   


Ńui, Lirong, PhD (China)

Professor, School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing,

P. R. China

e-mail: lirongcui@bit.edu.cn


Finkelstein, Maxim (RSA)

Doctor of Sci., Distinguished Professor

in Statistics/Mathematical Statistics

at the UFS. Visiting researcher at Max Planck Institute for Demographic

Research, Rostock, Germany

Visiting research professor,

the ITMO University, St Petersburg, Russia

e-mail: FinkelM@ufs.ac.za


Kaminsky, Mark, PhD(USA)

Principal reliability engineer

at the NASA Goddard Space

Flight Center

e-mail: mkaminskiy@hotmail.com


Kovalenko, Igor (Ukraine)

Doctor of Sci., Professor, Academician

of Academy of Sciences Ukraine,

Head of the Mathematical Reliability

Dpt. of the V.M. Glushkov Institute of

Cybernetics of the Nat. Acad. Scis. Ukraine,

Kiev (since July, 1971).

e-mail: kovigo@yandex.ru


Korolyuk, Vladimir (Ukraine)

Doctor of Sci., Professor, Academician

of Academy of Sciences Ukraine,

Institute of Mathematics, Ukrainian

National Academy of Science, Kiev,


e-mail: vskorol@yahoo.com 


Krivtsov, Vasiliy, PhD (USA)

Director of Reliability Analytics

at the Ford Motor Company. Associate

Professor of Reliability Engineering at the University of Maryland (USA)

e-mail: VKrivtso@Ford.com, krivtsov@umd.edu


Lemeshko, Boris (Russia)

Doctor of Sci., Professor, Novosibirsk

State Technical University, Professor of Theoretical and Applied Informatics


e-mail: Lemeshko@ami.nstu.ru


Lesnykh, Valery (Russia)

Doctor of Sci. Director of Risk Analysis Center, Moscow, Russia, 105066, LLC “NIIGAZECONOMIKA” (Economics

and Management Science in Gas Industry Research Institute)

e-mail: vvlesnykh@gmail.com



Levitin, Gregory, PhD (Israel)

The Israel Electric Corporation Ltd. Planning, Development & Technology Division. Reliability & Equipment Department, Engineer-Expert; OR and Artificial Intelligence applications in Power Engineering, Reliability.

e-mail: levitin@iec.co.il


Limnios, Nikolaos (France)

Professor, Université de Technologie

de Compiègne, Laboratoire

de Mathématiques, Appliquées Centre

de Recherches de Royallieu, BP 20529, 60205 COMPIEGNE CEDEX, France

e-mail: Nikolaos.Limnios@utc.fr


Nikulin, Mikhail (France)

Doctor of Sci., Professor of statistics,

Université Victor Segalen

Bordeaux 2, France

e-mail: mikhail.nikouline@u-bordeaux2.fr


Papic, Ljubisha, PhD (Serbia)

Professor, Head of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering Faculty at Technical Sciences Cacak, University of Kragujevac, Director and Founder The Research Center of Dependability and Quality Management (DQM Research Center), Prijevor, Serbia

e-mail: dqmcenter@mts.rs


Zio, Enrico, PhD (Italy)

Full Professor, Direttore della Scuola

di Dottorato del Politecnico

di Milano, Italy.

e-mail: Enrico.Zio@polimi.it


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